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19 February 2011 @ 03:47 pm
from @novalentization for @MBLAQCRY...  
If this world makes you sad, say my name whenever and wherever
I am 911 emergency, for you only, I’m only 5 minutes away, yeah yeah

Your sorrow that you feel isn’t sorrow
It’s a rope that bonded us together

I’ll get wet in rain for you, run without a stop, go through a rough wind yeah
Your heavy burden, dark shadow; I will block them all now

Oh my friend oh my friend,
I will be your friend forever
only you can make me live
I will become a tree behind you silently
my friend I love you (dear) friend

Let’s rock & roll, man I don’t control
Close your eyes and open your heart (Love & Peace)
(A) Hope you dreamed (of), trust me, tells only truth without lies
Walk straight, limp at least once, mistakes can happen to anyone
Step on a failure and get up, goodbye to a wound that aches

(Yo) Come on! Hold my hand and let’s go, let’s look for a lost dream again
Let’s fly together, brush up dusts, let’s go together, a person next to you as well
We can’t see an end but future is bright, there are many chances because we are young
Let’s love each other, scream louder, FREEDOM!

[ BIGBANGOh My Friend ]


This is simply dedicated for hannsell ...
C'mon niichan, you're the best, don't give up so easily,
we'll pray the best for you,

Love you my big brother, coz we had shared so much... :*
@: IPB
♥: melancholymelancholy
♫: MBLAQ - Sad Memorise
(Anonymous) on February 20th, 2011 03:38 pm (UTC)
Репетитор Химии
IT"S AWESOME!!)) at the last second of this video THERE IS SUCH A FUN)