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18 April 2013 @ 09:12 pm
Hello :)  
 think I'm in love with my It has been looooooooooooooooooooong time I've never written in this journal again ne :|

I'm a 21 years old girl now, writing her thesis and having a nice life almost perfect in my imperfectness :)

Right now I'm in Borneo, already lived here for 1 month and some days,
It's a coal mine anw, yes I'm in an internship now

I don't like this place too much. I'm getting black and fat easily here if I'm not bringing my sun block and controlling my diet,
This place is just too far away from 'life', a big city life that fits me more, even the big city here isn't as big as a 'big city' should be
I'm far from my family and my boyfriend too... yes I'm having a nice -- almost perfect -- bf now XD He makes my life better, waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than my ex(es) -- who mostly ruins my life more
and so many more...

*well I don't wanna insult some people live here anw, sorreeeeeeeeeeh*


I feel emptiness when I'm going to go home in 2 more weeks...
I think I've already fallen in love with this society, yes, the workers here are so nice :) They accept us (me and my friends) nicely like their own little brother and sisters :3
My bosses and supervisors are so nice too, yet the labors... well they're common 'villagers' and not well educated, but they're so nice and helpful here :3 not to mention they made a 'Nova Fans Club' by theirselves ==; but yea........
They're nice. So damn nice.

I just tweeted about it in my twitter and my bf asked that 'pacalku udah betah disana? :('

It's not about 'betah' or not...
Being in Rain City and living a lone life with him is waaaaay more comforting,

But, I'm just sad about 'separation'
I know that I don't like this place too much,
but I know I will miss the people, the office, the nursery, the plants those we planted together,
the long road that we passed everyday,
the room that being my room and Fiona's,
the 'little' big city,
every place ---- I couldn't mention it one by one ---- that I've spent my time here.
Cause I know how I will never ever go back here again,
how I wont meet them again (in coincidence, maybe)
how it feels to be an internship student living and learning here.

....well I'm crying now X')))))) my 3% melancholic side rules my world now :"))))

Night already. Time to sleep.
I hope I wont cry again in my departure to Bogor....
♥: sadsad
♫: ONE OK ROCK - Wherever you are