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01 December 2013 @ 12:21 am
a cat named nopal  

so yesterday my bf has a 'little gigs' with his organization in my campus. he performed too as well. and there I found a kitten, maybe a month old kitten. then i played with it and decided to adopt him (yes it's a male).


i love him in the first sight. he's alone and fragile and i want to protect him.


i found that he was starving by him, biting my fingers everytime i poked his nose. i ran to a closing minimarket at 11 pm and bought 2 packs of sausage for him. he just could eat half of sausage and i wrapped him in my unused cloth. i thought he would sleep immediately.


but later I heard he shrieked.


I jumped and searched him all over my dormhouse and couldn't find him in at all. i believe he's still in my floor because he's afraid with heights. later i found him in the balcony... there was dark. i ran back to my room to grab my cellphone for lights... and i found he was dead.


his blood gushed from his head and he was dead. 1 hour after i left him.


i couldnt do anything but cry. cry till now.


dorm's maid said that he might be bullied by bigger cats. seriously? well he was shrieked.


how to stop my tears? i dunno what to write more